A few weeks ago, the career of one of the NBA's most legendary scorers came to an end when Paul Pierce and the Los Angeles Clippers lost their first round matchup against the Utah Jazz. Very recently, the Clippers served up a touching tribute to Pierce's legacy, and it was narrated by none-other-than fellow L.A. legend, Kendrick Lamar. And make no mistake, Pierce is an L.A. legend.

Although Pierce ultimately made his mark by winning a championship with the Boston Celtics nearly 10 years ago, the video focuses on the mark he left in Inglewood, Calif., where the legend of "The Truth" first began.

In the visual, which is accompanied by both K. Dot's narration and his sentimental instrumental for "The Heart Part 4," we see clips of an Inglewood kid roaming the streets on his bike and a class of high schoolers watching footage of Pierce playing ball at Inglewood High School years ago.

"When people talk about L.A., most mention the beautiful weather, the celebrities, the glitz and the glamour; you know, Hollywood," K. Dot says in the video. "But there's a part of town where you can find the grit, the fortitude—the truth. Inglewood's own accomplished what many others never did before him. Not only did Paul Pierce represent Inglewood, he put all of Los Angeles on his back. Life is not all about the wins and losses. It's also about how you affect people. Paul Pierce, you are, 'The Truth.'"

After K. Don't s monologue, players like Isaiah Thomas, James Harden, Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant, can be seen referring to Pierce by his nickname, The Truth, one last time, before the camera zooms in on an enthusiastic kid and K. Dot thanks the future hall-of-famer on behalf of L.A. Gotta love it.

You can peep the touching tribute video for yourself below.

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