Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video is finally here. The single off of her 1989 album premiered tonight (May 17) at the Billboard Music Awards. The video directed by Joseph Kahn. The cast for the movie was insane. Gigi Hadid starred as “Slay-Z,” Ellie Goulding starred as “Destructa X," as well as Hayley Williams ("The Crimson Curse"), Zendaya ("Cut-Throat"), Lily Aldridge ("Frostbyte"), Swift herself ("Catastrophe") and new best friend, Kendrick Lamar, who plays "Welven Da Great​"

Welvin Da Great is named after the Instagram star who’s mostly known for his saying “Deez Nuts” going viral. He’s also the “who ain’t got no bitches” guy. The connection between them is pretty cool. In an interview Welven revealed that Lamar reached out to him after his videos went viral because they’re from the same hood in Compton (watch video here).

KDot contributes two previously-unheard verses to the 1989 track. The Kendrick Lamar remix is available on iTunes now.

Watch the video above.