R&B singer Kehlani is calling out Joe Budden following his comments about what appears to be him making light of her apparent suicide attempt in 2015.

On Wednesday (Feb. 19), Kehlani called Budden “a joke” in a since-deleted tweet and added that his commentary was “disgusting.” In another tweet she wrote, “the amount of misinformation and lies and lameness in this episode about me and you used my face is...lol gotta love it.”

This is in response to Budden’s remarks about her latest single, “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” on his Joe Budden Podcast show, which premiered on the same day (yesterday). On the podcast, Budden, along with co-hosts Rory and Mal, were discussing Kehlani’s song, which appears that she was talking about her breakup with ex-boyfriend YG.

Budden felt that the song was contrived since YG released a duet song with the R&B singer prior called “Konclusions.”

“We did receive some new music from [the breakup], which, I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked,” said Budden. “’Cause it was just last week we came on this podcast [and] Rory made me listen to a YG and Kehlani song, ['Konclusions']. I was with this new image of YG being in love and making songs like he’s in love.”

He continued to criticize Kehlani's song saying, "[It's] unlike any Kehlani record I’ve ever heard...she really wants us to know how much of a piece of shit YG is, but she’s hiding behind the thin veil of I’m not telling you guys who I’m talking about."

Despite his critical take, Budden said he loved the song. “The fucked up part is she’s smoking this shit," he continued. "And she stepped on that nigga’s single." He then added that Kehlani "definitely helped change YG's image."

But Budden then went on to talk about Kehlani's past relationship with ex-boyfriend PartyNextDoor. “Party gonna try and double back now: ‘You was shitting on me ’cause I made you try to kill yourself.’”

For those who may not know, in March 2015, Kehlani thanked PND for saving her life after she was submitted to the hospital following an attempt to take her own life. The incident shortly happened after their highly-publicized breakup.

For his part, Budden seemed to double down on his comments tweeting, "We love you, it’s jokes...feel better." But after Kehlani’s final tweet, the former rapper-turned-podcaster hit back writing, “I’m bout sick of you artists...never a peep through years of praise but wanna jump outta windows when you hear something you don’t like...newsflash, i am not friends with you niggas."

You can listen to the Joe Budden Podcast below. Fast-forward to the 30-minute mark to hear his comments about Kehlani.

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