Keak Da Sneak has received a small reprieve in his weapons possession case. On Thursday (Feb. 7), a judge postponed his prison sentence for 60 days so the wheelchair-bound rapper can improve on his health and then surrender to authorities. This postponement came after a petition for the judge to let Keak serve his sentence under house arrest got over 40,000 signatures.

"New update. They gave me 60 days to try and improve my health then turn myself in," Keak said in an Instagram post celebrating his sentencing delay. "I want to thank everyone for making some noise and signing the petition it made a big difference!!"

If you recall, Keak's impending prison sentence was spotlighted after a local California news outlet reported on how he'd have to serve it while in a wheelchair for injuries he received in a shooting from a little over a year ago.

"My health is not good. I know they (the penal system) are not gonna give me the treatment I need in prison," Keak said in a statement after that initial story was published. "I’ve been to jail before, and once you get behind these walls, they have no compassion. You have to be on your dying bed for them to give you some assistance."

Last month, Keak's wife, Charles Kente Williams (Bowens), launched the aforementioned petition at in an effort to have California Governor Gavin Newsom intervene and allow the rapper to serve out his sentence under house arrest. While that hasn't happened—The rapper will still have to complete his mandated 16-month prison sentence for one count of possession of a firearm as a felon stemming from a March 2017 arrest—a 60-day waiting period is a small step in what Keak feels is the right direction.

The Bay Area legend has been in a wheelchair since being involved in two shootings in 2017. Keak feels the legal system doesn't have any compassion for his disability. That's a point his wife makes in the description for the petition.

"The rapper isn't asking for leniency on his sentence, but simply how he serves that sentence," it reads. "He is asking for home confinement/anklet bracelet. The chances of him becoming a flight risk is far and few considering he cannot walk. Prison is not the right place for this man. Prison is dangerous & dirty! He cannot defend himself and has already been the victim of 2 shootings. He also receives crucial [sic] medical care 3x a week by nurses who visit his home as well as his wife whom is his full time care giver."

Check out Keak da Sneak's Instagram post about the petition and his delayed sentencing for yourself below.

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