Keak Da Sneak is in a rough situation as he has been mandated to serve out a 16-month prison sentence even though his is currently bound to a wheelchair and has serious medical complications. Now a petition has been started in the effort to convince a judge to give him an alternate sentence.

The petition was established on on Thursday (Jan. 31). According to the description on the petition, "The rapper isn't asking for leniency on his sentence, but simply how he serves that sentence. He is asking for home confinement/anklet bracelet. The chances of him becoming a flight risk is far and few considering he cannot walk. Prison is not the right place for this man. Prison is dangerous & dirty! He cannot defend himself and has already been the victim of 2 shootings. He also receives crutial [sic] medical care 3x a week by nurses who visit his home as well as his wife whom is his full time care giver."

Keak was shot in January 2017 resulting in him requiring the use of walking assistance, a colostomy bag and a catheter. He was arrested for possession of a firearm as a felon in March 2017. He insists he was carrying the weapon for protection due to the previous shooting. However, he was sentenced to serve 16 months for the crime.

Fellow Bay Area MC E-40 is helping get the word out. 40 Water shared a message from Keak explaining the seriousness of his medial situation. "It ain't looking too good," Keak said in the clip. "I just got a IV put in me for a antibiotic. I asked them for a stay of execution. I was asking for six weeks or at least three. They gave me a week."

The petition is trying to get 25,000 signatures. As of press time, it has received over 23,000 and is edging closer to its goal.

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