Reports of Katt Williams' erratic behavior continue, as video footage of the comedian rapping, dancing and fighting on stage at a Beanie Sigel concert in Philadelphia has emerged. Now, while the above video is spliced together and isn't the greatest quality, Williams can still be seen rapping some indecipherable lyrics, doing push-ups on stage, crouching down into a fighting stance and eventually, around the 1:55 mark, attacking an individual on the other side of the stage. This last action was incredibly ill-advised, as Katt is immediately thrown to the ground and stomped out.

According to TMZ, the footage was taken Sunday night (Mar. 6) at the Trocadero Theatre where Beans, Jahlil Beats, Jadakiss and a few other rappers were performing. It's hard to say what possessed Williams to act in such a manner, but it is perhaps consistent with recent news of the comedian punching a pool store supply employee or allegedly holding five Atlanta women at gunpoint. In the above video, Williams attempts to clarify some of his recent behavior and deny that any drug use was involved.

Back in October, Williams and Suge Knight pleaded not guilty to robbery charges stemming from the alleged theft of a camera from a female paparazzo outside of a studio in Beverly Hills. Even though Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah just recently did an impression of Williams, among other black comedians, and his feud with Kevin Hart, the recent string of trouble Williams has found himself in is no laughing matter. Hart, it's worth mentioning, is from Philadelphia, so perhaps the on-stage incident has some sort of tie-in to the whole comedian beef.

Catch the video above which additionally details the war of words between Williams and Hart.


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