Kash Doll is a bona fide hustler. Since going viral with her video for her 2017 track “For Everybody”—she's racked up over 34 million views on YouTube so far—the Detroit rapper has been consistent with her grind by dropping banger after banger, from "Ice Me Out" to her latest "Doin Too Much."

Today, Kash Doll's debut album, Stacked, has arrived. Featuring collaborations with Lil Wayne, Big Sean and LouGotCash, among others, the 17-track effort finds the rapper in her lyrical bag. So for XXL’s ABC series, Kash Doll uses her quick word association skills to celebrate her new LP and the boss that she is.

For the letter A, Kash starts with "Arkeisha Knight," her real name. At B, she picks “boss,” for obvious reasons. “I’m a boss bitch, period,” she states. When it comes to C, Kash chooses "Chanel," her favorite luxury brand and for D, well, we’ll let her explain that. Next up is E for “energy” and the letter F is particularly for the haters. “Fuck you! I don’t give a muthafuck,” Kash Doll exclaims.

As Kash lands on the letter S, it's clear what's a priority—her debut album, Stacked. “Stacked, because everything is stacked. Body stacked. Money stacked. Opportunity stacked," she says. "There's levels to it. There’s layers to this. So make sure you listen to it right now."

At T, Kash goes right to her motto. "T, that bitch, period. My name," she says. And U has her singing one of Rihanna's most popular tracks: "Umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh."

Hit play below to watch Kash Doll be “that bitch” in XXL’s ABCs.

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