Four months ago, Kap G told the world what he wanted on the inspirational anthem "Rings." Now the young Mexican-American rapper and 2017 XXL Freshman is back to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look into his unrelenting work ethic for the song's visual.

The music video is directed by JD Films and sees the XXL Freshman's life turned into a technicolor kaleidoscope as crayon markings are drawn across Kap G and his fans. "Rings" is a day in the life of Kap G as he signs autographs for adoring fans, records in the studio and hits the stage to perform. The perfect way to sum up the concept of the video is by listening to the interlude of "Rings," where Kap G explains, "It took a lot of motherfuckin' sacrifices just to get here, you dig? This shit ain't sweet. I had to, I had to go out there and get this shit, I had to go out there and get it. This shit wasn't gon' come to me."

This year has been monumental for the Georgia rapper. He released his long-awaited mixtape, SupaJefe, in April, and his song "Girlfriend" went gold two weeks ago. In a June interview with XXL, Kap G discussed what it is like being signed to a legendary producer like Pharrell. “I remember he [Pharrell] told me, ‘Bro, I haven’t been this excited since Clipse,’ and that’s when I knew that I had potential to do it, you know what I mean?" he shared. "I look at Pharrell like a big brother. He always gives me that advice. Whatever I need. If I want to talk to him about the music, about the fashion—I know he gonna keep it 100 with me.”

Watch the video for "Rings" below.

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