Kanye West will have his day in court after being charged with criminal battery for his alleged assault of a photographer at LAX but Yeezy is already giving his reasons for why the incident happened in the first place.

TMZ cameras caught up with the Kanye West earlier today as he was exiting a gas station in Calabasas, CA where he enjoyed a surprisingly pleasant talk with the photographers in attendance. Kanye revealed to the photogs that Daniel Ramos, the alleged victim of Kanye's attack, was antagonizing him and the incident just happened to take place shortly after Kanye learned his grandfather was dying.

"The guy [Ramos] set me up at the airport the other day." Kanye told the photographers. "You know he was fucking laughing and shit? What I didn't get to say on Jimmy Kimmel [was] that's the day I found out that my grandfather wasn't going to make it. He passed two weeks later."

You can watch a video of Kanye's chat with the paparazzi by clicking here.

[Via TMZ]