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Cash Money Records
Cash Money Records

2004: Juvenile's Soulja Slim -assisted single, "Slow Motion," officially becomes the New Orleans rapper's biggest hit since "Back That Azz Up" when it reaches No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Laced with slow-smoked guitar, "Slow Motion," a Sha Money XL and Black Jeruz-produced cut that was originally released on Juvie's Juve the Great album the previous fall, is a track that feels the instrumental version of Juvenile and Soulja's Magnolia Southern drawl. The track focuses on the motion of curvaceous women.

"Ughh! I like it like that/She working that back, I don't know how to act/Slow motion for me, slow motion for me/Slow motion for me, move in slow motion for me," goes the hook for the song, which was delivered by Soulja Slim.

The video for "Slow Motion," which featured numerous curvy women twerking to the sounds of the Juve classic, was shot in New Orleans, and it was released some five months after Soulja Slim was murdered. In the visual you can see various tributes to the slain rapper, who also gained his highest-charting single when the track made its way into the Hot 100.

With an infectious chorus that made for the perfect ringtone and its release by Cash Money Records, "Slow Motion" ended up also earning a gold plaque to go along with its No. 1 spot on the hallowed Hot 100 chart. Juve the Great also ended up with a gold plaque.

Salute to these two New Orleans originals!

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