Earlier today (Sept. 10), Ty Dolla $ign announced that his debut album, Free TC, will be hitting stores this November. This comes as a relief to his fans, who have been clamoring for the LP's release and who suffered through a supposed June street date that came and went. Those fans of Ty's shouldn't get too much of a martyr complex, though--a just-released Vlad TV interview with Just Blaze reminds us that there is one faction of hip-hop fans who are approaching Chicago Cubs levels of attrition. In the sit-down, the legendary producer runs through the process by which he and Jay Electronica made the latter's seminal "Exhibit C," which tore up radio and the blog circuit when it was dropped in late 2009, despite its lack of a hook and its pedestrian BPM. According to Blaze, the song was made completely off the cuff, as are most of his biggest and best records.

But when the topic turned to Jay's nascent debut album, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), all the producer could do is chuckle. "I don't have any updates since the last update I gave," Blaze says, "which is, I have a pretty-nearly finished version of it in my phone." Act II was promised to fans several years in a row beginning in 2009, but the New Orleans-bred MC has yet to confirm a release date. "I don't know what he's gonna do with it," Just goes on. "I mean, listen, he's chilling out in London. He's doing well. Jay's life philosophy is, 'My train is running on schedule.'" At least three songs intended for the album are available: "Road to Perdition," "Better In Tune With the Infinite" and the Jay Z-featuring "The Shiny Suit Theory."