Joe Budden is a wanted man. The Slaughterhouse MC missed a court date on Thursday (May 28) to face charges of grand larceny and robbery stemming from an alleged incident with his former girlfriend last August. Now the authorities are on the lookout for the Jersey rapper, according to TMZ.

This is the second time a warrant has been placed on Budden's head regarding this strange incident which allegedly went down last summer. As previously reported, last August, Joe was accused of getting into a physical altercation with his girlfriend outside of a New York City restaurant. He was allegedly angered over some photos she took with another guy and accused by the woman of hitting her numerous times and slamming her head into a car dashboard, causing her several severe injuries.

Two days later, the New York Police Department issued a warrant for Budden on charges of robbery of a cell phone in the same incident. Joe later issued a statement addressing and denying the allegations and turned himself in a few days later. The Jersey MC was charged with robbery and grand larceny and released on $10,000 bond.

Budden was set to have his day in court Thursday. But it looks like another chapter to this sad saga will be added before it comes to a conclusion.