TGOD Volume 1 was a mixtape full of smooth tracks and star power. Yesterday (Jan. 17), J.R. Donato unleashed the music video for the Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods-assisted "The Man," a standout track from the project.

Throughout the BCKYRD-directed, four-and-a-half minute clip, people from various backgrounds and situations take turns mouthing the lyrics. Each person is going through his or her own struggle and can relate to the song in some form or fashion.

The visual accompanies the song nicely; however, the basketball player at the 1:37 mark might need to work on his game a bit. Donato handles the song's hook, rapping, "Rain drops falling on the window of my Benz/I just noticed I don't have a lot of friends/Bring a child into this world, step it up and be a man/I be feeling like the shit, and they calling me the man."

The Chicago native then tackles verse one, while Chevy Woods handles the second verse and Khalifa Man closes things out.

"Every time you turn around Young Khalifa copping chains," Wiz spits over the Harry Fraud instrumental. "She yours I got the brains, taught the game/Bitches say I'm not a lame, watch your self out there, these cops insane/They'll do anything to keep us off the streets/So I grind everyday cause Sebastian gotta eat/And the jewels that I rock turn these good girls to freaks/Make 500K a week, bring my cheese then we speak, capeesh?"

With today being Yams Day, go back and check out Donato and Playboi Carti's tribute to A$AP Yams called "Word to Yams." As aforementioned, you can watch the video above courtesy of Donato's official YouTube account.

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