Joyner Lucas is known for stirring up uncomfortable conversations with his unique videos and innovate songs, and his latest visual is no different. The Worcester, Mass. rapper unveils his new video for "I'm Not Racist," where he showcases a heated debate about race relations between a White man and a Black man.

The White man begins the conversation—all in Joyner's voice—by expressing his grievances with the Black community while sporting a "Make America Great Again" hat, which is in support of Donald Trump's presidential slogan. As he continues to preach that he isn't racist, he yells out his frustrations that include paying taxes that go toward government programs that aid minorities, Eminem's BET freestyle against Trump, White privilege and more.

"I'm not racist, I'm just prepared for this type of war," the White man rhymes. "I heard Eminem's rap at the awards, who's he fightin' for?/Y'all can take that motherfucker too, he ain't white no more/It's like you wanna be so famous, you'll do anything for attention and a little payment/I can't take you nowhere without people pointin' fingers/Pants hangin' off your ass, you ain't got no home trainin'."

The second verse passes the conversation over to the Black man, who airs out the White man for his words against the Black community, shooting down each point that was made. He addresses police brutality, cultural appropriation, the use of the n-word and more.

"You wanna copy our slang and everything that we know/Tryna steal Black culture and then make it your own, whoa," the Black man raps. "Fuck, I'm exhausted, I can't even drive without the cops tryna start shit/I'm tired of the systematic racism bullshit/All you do is false shit, this the shit that I'm falsed with."

By the end of the video, the White man takes off his hat and pleads for peace between the two with a hug. While the sentiment from the "Winter Blues" entertainer is supposed to encourage optimistic and positivity regarding racial tensions, many fans and Twitter users have felt differently about the ending being unrealistic to today's society.

"We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us," the video reads at the end.

Watch Joyner Lucas' powerful video for "I'm Not Racist" below.

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