Joyner Lucas' "I'm Not Racist," a cut that cleverly analyzes race relations through a (fictional) conversation between a Black man and a White one, continues to inspire.

This time, the track's been parodied by none other than comedian CominaHarrr, who creates a heated back-and-forth between an attractive, scantily clad bartender and Harrr, who plays the role of a regular strip club attendee.

In the video/track, the bartender argues that she's "Not a Puta." In the Spanish language, "puta" is a term synonymous with "slut" or "prostitute," and the bartender's trying to argue that she's not what you'd call any of those things.

"And all my friends bartend too, shit who isn't?/At least I'm not fuckin' them niggas, shit I'm different/If a nigga wanna fly me out, let him fly me out/If you still live at your mommy house, fuck you cryin' 'bout," the woman spits, offering up what's essentially the crux of her argument.

For the part of Harrr's character, he mimics the rage of both Lucas's "I'm Not Racist" perspectives as he makes what some would call a compelling argument about why a stripper and a skimpy clothes-rocking bartender are the same as strippers.

In his portrayal, Harrr paints bartenders as being duplicitous and irresponsible. We'll let you check that part out for yourself below. "I'm Not a Puta" is all set to appear on Harrr's April Fools mixtape on April 1.

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