Joyner Lucas is one of the fastest-rising names out of the New England area, and now he's back with a brand new visual for his DECAP-produced single "Ultrasound." The track is all set to appear on his first major release on Atlantic Records.

The new video sees the Worcester, Mass. rapper going through his day-to-day errands while being accompanied by a grandma—or at least someone who looks like one. In one scene they're just posted up outside of a nice crib. The older lady simply sits on the hood of Joyner's whip as the two of them lip sync the words to "Ultrasound."

"Get the fuck off of my dick, hoe/'Fuck you mean?/I don't think you notice what you done to me (yeah)/Yeah I think you should know that you were under me/If anybody got a problem tell 'em they can come to me/What the fuck you mean/This is not allowed/Better calm it down/'Cause all you new niggas just watered down/I can see through you like a muthafuckin' ultrasound," Joyner raps in the first verse, as the older gal raps along.

In another scene, the "Tap Dance" performer and the elderly lady are just passing through a liquor store, presumably copping some drinks for a turn-up. You can peep the visual for yourself below. You can stream or buy "Ultrasound" here.

"Ultrasound" is all set to appear on Joyner's forthcoming project, 508-507-2209. In a very Mike Jones-esque move, the phone number serving as the title of his upcoming project is actually his real number, and fans can call him to leave a message any time they feel like it. You got to love a man of the people.

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