A huge congratulations goes out to Joyner Lucas, who just signed a deal with Atlantic Records. Lucas celebrates the momentous occasion in the above video, popping champagne and accidentally getting his contracts wet. He shares a call with DJ Khaled as well, who tells the rapper, "You got the greatest representation. This is only the beginning, you got so many keys coming in. Cause one key leads to the next key."

Joyner understandably gets emotional thinking about his culminating moment. "Do you know how long it took for me to get here? This shit, you don’t understand," he says. "I been at this shit since I was a motherfuckin' kid. This shit mean I’m officially a fuckin millionaire."

While the particulars of the deal aren't made available, Lucas mentions that he'll be working with Boi-1da, and the producer wrote on Twitter Thursday morning, "Can't wait for y'all to hear what @JoynerLucas and I are working on," suggesting the two have been cooking something up prior to the paperwork being printed out.

"Motherfuckers told me I couldn’t do it," Lucas says above. "The first nigga in New England, Massachusetts history to sign a major deal with Atlantic Records. And my deal comes with Boi-1da. Ayo mom you can quit your muhfuckin job too."

Lucas is eager to get the bottles poppin' and we can't blame him. Cheers to the newly signed rapper in his major milestone.

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