It’s been a crazy year for Joyner Lucas thus far. After triggering millions with his stirring “I’m Not Racist” video and hopping on Eminem’s Kamikaze album for the song "Lucky You," Lucas has been steadily working his way to the top of the rap food chain. Now he’s preparing the world for what he’s got in store for his anticipated project, ADHD, a follow-up to his 2017 effort, 508-507-2209.

Joyner Lucas revealed the project title and cover art in an extensive Instagram post, in which he describes his difficult battle with the mental disorder while in school. The “Lucky You” rapper reveals that he felt like an “inmate” throughout middle and high school because of the way his administrators treated him.

“I never felt like anything was wrong with me other than the fact I was just different and misunderstood,” Lucas wrote in the caption for his post. “Every school I went to received a IEP, (which is a special folder with all my 'ADHD' information) so they can repeat the process all over again. It was basically no different than wearing a sticker on your shirt that said “inmate”. I was judged by other students & even teachers. They spoke to me as if I was stupid and less intelligent than everyone else.”

The rapper also opens up about the harassment he endured that led him to act out in school. He reveals that the only type of therapy he had in his life to deal with the emotional stress of it all was making music.

“This project is my big FUCK YOU to any and everybody who never thought I wouldn’t make it this far,” Lucas continues. “My big FUCK YOU to anybody who has ever stood in my way. My big FUCK YOU to anybody who ever shitted on me on my way up. That goes to family, friends, enemies, ex girls, teachers, principals, police, judges, or anybody who told me I wouldn’t get here. The kid with “ADHD” did it.”

The cover art is a simple headshot showing Joyner Lucas' face while simultaneously showing his hands covering his face, which is nothing short of a work of art. Speaking of visual art, Lucas recently jumped in front of the camera with Eminem for their apocalyptic adventure in their video for “Lucky You.”

ADHD has no release date as of now. However, Joyner Lucas does reveal that his new single and video will drop Oct. 17. Check out his long Instagram post and the cover art for ADHD below.—Tony Centeno

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