When Jon Connor posted an ambiguous picture donning the words "#ConnorSeason" on his Instagram one week ago, a million possibilities came to mind. The most prominent theory—are fans finally getting new music from the Flint, Mich. spitta? The last project Connor dropped was his independent album Unconscious State in July of 2013. After he signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label late last year, Dre locked him in the studio with no new material leaking out.

Then, after a week of teasing that something was on the way, a freestyle by Connor dropped over Rick Ross and Jay Z's "Devil Is A Lie" instrumental, and #ConnorSeason had officially begun. Connor would follow up with the latest installment of his #BestInTheWorld series and release a Kanye West-inspired mixtape called The Late Registration Of A College Dropout Who Had A Dark Twisted Fantasy Of 808s And Heartbreak.

XXL caught up with Jon Connor over the phone to figure out what he's got in store for  #ConnorSeason. "This is how I first pitched it to my partner Young Sav," Connor said this week. "I said, 'What is a season? That’s three months. What if I gave the people Connor Season?' Just a season of me just going ape shit and giving back to the fans. To the people that’s been supporting me since day one. So we started it with the 'Devil Is A Lie' freestyle and we came with the Kanye tape that just dropped. So for the next couple of months I plan on having these types of surprises for the people."

Connor explains that he got the idea from Twitter one day, when fans were tweeting about the lack of music from him since his signing. Thanks to one fan, people can expect spontaneous music to come from Connor for the next couple of months. "You can be expecting freestyles, you can be expecting whole projects, you can expect videos; the next three months is the release date," Connor said. "It just keeps the anticipation. You know something is coming, you just don’t know what is coming."

The Aftermath deal has been announced for a while now, and Connor says he's got plenty in the tank to sustain this. "My creative process is like, I’ll get in the studio and I just go off on feeling," he explained. "I don’t like to be the guy that says, 'I don’t write rhymes,' but I don’t write rhymes. I go in and I feel it and I do what I do. So it's nothing to me to give the people an abundance of material." —Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)