An arrest warrant has been issued for Joe Budden. The Jersey Journal reports the warrant was issued in May due ti him not paying $12,983 in child support, as well as not showing up for a court hearing.

“So I'm on the front page of the paper & the headline reads "unpaid child support," Buddens wrote, reacting to the news on his Twitter account this morning. “It SHOULD say "babymoms is back on her bullshit", lol. “& WHY exactly is that front page worthy. I know SOMETHING else HAD to happen in Jersey city yesterday, smmfh."

“The headline say "WHERE's JOE" he added. “Nigga I'm on Twitter w[ith] everybody else! Great job genius.”

This is not the first time Budden has been in legal trouble for missed child payments. According to the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department, he was also arrested on a charge of failure to pay child support in August 2009.

Budden has frequently documented his problems with his son’s mother in his music, notably on the track “Under The Sun” from his 2008 mixtape, Halfway House. "My lil' dude always get the world from me/And you want 'em to have the world, just not from me."

The fourth installment of Joe’s Mood Muzik series, Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst, is slated for an October 26 digital release. —Adam Fleischer