Joe Budden definitely knows how to get the people talking. On the latest episode of his The Joe Budden Podcast, which aired on Friday (Oct. 11), he raised some eyebrows after calling Logic a terrible MC.

The slight came during a point in the show when Joe and co-hosts Rory and Mal were listening to "Twisted," the new single from French Montana, A$AP Rocky, Juicy J and Logic. At the conclusion of the song, Joe seemingly couldn't hold back his disdain for Lo's raps.

"Logic, you are easily one of the worst rappers to ever grace a microphone, I'ma be honest with you," Joe offered. "I don't know what they telling you at Def Jam. I know you sold a lot of records. I know you sell out a whole bunch of tours and I know how successful you are. I have to be honest, you are horrible, man."

Co-hosts Rory and Mal would not concede that Logic is trash, but simply had a bad verse. Joe didn't agree.

"He is really bad," Joe added.

Since Joe has been a podcaster, he has been speaking pretty freely on his thoughts on the rap game. Swae Lee recently went at Joe for his criticism of the rapper's new single with Drake.

Logic has yet to respond publicly to Joe's opinion via social media.

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