So, apparently Joe Budden really loves hard. Maybe too hard. TMZ is reporting that Joe Budden and his girlfriend got into a physical altercation, which caused her several severe injuries.

According to TMZ, Joe Budden found out that his girlfriend was out taking pictures with another guy. This infuriated Budden to the point that he rushed into the restaurant where she was at, dragged her into his car, and proceeded to allegedly choke her. In addition, TMZ says that Budden slammed her head on the dashboard.

This doesn't bode well for the Slaughterhouse rapper, because TMZ obtained photos displaying her injuries.

In the past, Joe's tumultuous relationships have veered him as the villain in many instances, such as him time with Tahiry, Esther Baxter, and Kaylin Garcia. Hopefully, this isn't true for Joey.

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