Rapper Jim Jones is one person who does not bite his tongue. Known throughout his career as the outspoken member of the Dipset crew, the Harlem native never holds back on his thoughts or views. While discussing his latest album release, Wasted Talent, at the XXL office, Jimmy decided to weigh in a number of topics in current events, entertainment and fashion.

With UFC fans still in shock after Conor McGregor’s violent outburst at UFC 223 media day at the Barclays Center earlier this month—he threw a dolley through a bus window, injuring passengers—many MMA fans are speculating that the Ireland native may be fired by the combat sport company for his actions. When it comes to the Irish fighter, Jim Jones can relate to Conor’s recent actions.

“Very Jim Jones-ish," he tells XXL. “Very Jim Jones-ish. That be my mood a lot of times. I have displayed those type of characteristics in the past. I’m ashamed of them. I’m not proud of them. But thumbs up for Conor McGregor.”

One of the biggest sneaker trends of 2018 are dad shoes, in particular the highly sought-after Balenciaga Triple S sneakers. Worn by pretty much every young rapper in the game nowadays, the sneakers have become a symbolic part of every rapper’s wardrobe. When asked about his thoughts on the shoes, Jim goes off in a minute-long roast session that will certainly have viewers cracking up.

“I don’t like those Balenciaga shoes," the rapper admits. "I like Balenciaga the brand, but I don’t like those shoes. Can’t nobody make me wear them big shits. Them shits look like Frankenstein shoes. Them shits look like they’re missing roller blades at the bottom of the shoes. Shits look like you can pour milk inside them shits and eat cereals out them shits.”

Jim also shares his point of view on other subjects such as face tats and Trump's idea of arming teachers at schools.

Check out Jim Jones' Views in the video above.

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