At long last, the follow-up to the Diplomats' 2004 album, Diplomatic Immunity 2, has both a title and a release date. Taking the stage for Atlanta's 2018 A3C Festival last night (Oct. 7), Jim Jones himself let loose the intel.

“On Thanksgiving, there will be a Diplomats album dropping. It’s called Diplomatic Ties," Capo announced before adding that the long-developed Dipset documentary will be coming out a week later. In case you didn't know, Thanksgiving falls on Thurs., Nov. 22 this year. Be ready to eat good.

This announcement comes less than a month after Jim Jones teased the tracklist for what's presumably the forthcoming new Dipset project, which was then believed to be an EP. At nine songs, the tracklist was svelte, but there's a decent chance the project Capo calls an album will end up with several more songs. We'll just have to wait and see.

As we alluded to up top, a new Dipset album has been a long time coming. Over the last decade plus, the crew, which has a core comprised of Jim Jones, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey, have been involved in a variety of feuds that many believed killed the chance for a new project. Speaking with XXL about his Wasted Talent album this past spring, Capo explained the moment that led them to begin working together again.

"After the Spotify concert it was kinda evident that we should really make a run for this and do some Diplomatic Immunity, give the people what they've been asking for," Capo said at the time. "It just was all organic—that's how it all came about," he continued. "Us performing, us being in the same circumference and feeling that good energy"

Check out video of Jim Jones' announcement below.

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