Jeezy just hasn't been able to stay away from legal trouble these past few months. Only weeks after T.D Jakes threatened legal action for an unauthorized use of a sample of one of Jakes's sermons and a little over a month after Jeezy was arrested and charged with gun possession, Jeezy has been hit with another lawsuit.

This time the Atlanta MC is being sued by Christopher Syrrakos, a Wisconsin rapper who goes by the rap moniker Big Chris. According to TMZ, Syrrakos claims that the Seen It All  rapper's song "Me OK," is just a ripoff of his song, which is entitled "13 shots." In the lawsuit, Chris claims that he dropped "13 shots" 5 years before Jeezy released "Me OK." The only issue with Big Chris' suit is that no trace of the song or the album he claims he dropped 5 years ago can be found on the Internet. Not even a search on Google or iTunes comes up with a result of Big Chris's song.

Sounds like Jeezy is going to be able to beat this suit, but we'll keep you updated on any developments.