A Houston promoter is suing Jeezy for allegedly backing out of a concert and pocketing a $30,000 deposit despite never showing up for the show. Darryl Austin filed a civil suit against Jeezy, Sammy Mumphery and YJ Productions and Concerts on Feb. 8, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The lawsuit claims that Austin and Jeezy began negotiating in October 2016 and came to a deal for a one-hour concert at Houston's Arena Theatre on Dec. 9. Austin agreed to pay the Trap or Die 3 rapper $60,000 for the gig and sent half of it to Jeezy upfront. $20,000 of the $30,000 went straight to Jeezy's checking account.

Things went awry in November when Austin suddenly got a message from Jeezy's reps stating that the veteran MC did not want to perform at the Arena Theatre. By the time Austin got this information, 1,000 tickets had already been sold. Austin said he tried to appease Jeezy and even agreed to a new price of $80,000.

The suit alleges that Jeezy ultimately backed out at the last minute, attending an album release party in Atlanta instead of coming to Houston for the show as planned. Austin claims to have attempted to reschedule the concert, but Jeezy was uncooperative. In the end, the "Go Crazy" MC kept Austin's $30,000 without ever performing.

Austin is seeking a minimum of $100,000 in breach-of-contract damages and the return of his $30,000 deposit. XXL has reached out to Jeezy's reps for comment.

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