Jeezy recently had to give a fan a hard lesson on the subject of personal space during a show in Florida.

Da Snowman was performing in Jacksonville when, during a break in his set, a man reached up from the crowd and touched the Atlanta rapper. Young wasn't cool with the grab one bit, quickly telling the line crosser, "Don't f-cking touch me," and stepping forward in an intimidating manner. That was apparently all it took to make the overzealous fan fall back and Mr. Jenkins continued on.

When will fans learn that artists typically don't like being grabbed or interrupted while they are on stage performing.

In the past a number of rappers have reacted with violence to those who cross the line. Back in 2015, Kevin Gates had two incidents where he got in altercations with people while performing, once last March and again in August. Both times, he claims he was reacting to someone violating his personal space.

Action Bronson has a history of putting ill WWE caliber wrestling moves on fans for storming the stage while he is performing during shows.

Let's not forget about the infamous Offset Superman punch seen round the world from 2014, where the Migos member had to blast off on a fan for trying to grab his chain during a show in Springfield, Mass. It's not a game.

What happened to just sitting back and enjoying the show? Props to Jeezy for keeping his cool.

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