Jeezy is back with a dual visual for two songs from his latest album Trap or Die 3. Catch the video for "Like That" and "Sexe" above.

“All these bitches on me, bitch I'm back in shape/They all want a piece of Jizzle like a cake/I'm what these bitches need, a dark skinned Drake/I'm bout to hit it back to back, now how much can you take/Fuck you back to sleep and you gon' dream about it/You gon' be like K. Michelle, bitch you gon' sing about it/Suck the skin off the head, I call her skeletal/Make you wake up in the morning and check a credit score,” Jeezy raps.

He continues, “Two for two, you got a sexy face and body/Can't forget the legs, bitch you must do Pilates/This ain't a mothafucking funeral, boy y'all actin' dead/You mothafuckas stand around, let's fuck up some bread/Hope you bitches ready, here come the confetti/And the shit I'm smoking on louder than a Chevy/Toe tagging bitches, yeah she got a body/Just paid my tab and that's a Maserati.”

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