Hip-hop has always embraced rappers who rhyme about their trials and tribulations. JayDaYoungan, a 20-year-old rhymer straight out of Bogolusa, La., makes music that sticks to his reality of having to be war-hardened to survive the streets, with the vulnerability required to want better. His formula has been working. Just listen to his 2018 project, Forever 23, which has multiple million-plus streaming tracks, including "Thot Thot," its most successful song. Jay came to the XXL office to show off just why people love him, freestyling for our What I Do series.

Starting his verse on a more personal note, JayDaYoungan shares his mindstate at the moment. "It feel like I been walkin' through hell/Got right back up whenever I fell," he spits, showing how resilient he is. "Fuck 12, you wont take me to jail/And free all my brothers who locked in a cell/Smoke loud, can't hide the smell/In the trap, got the package for sale."

He's experienced plenty of success, but JayDaYoungan has only been taking rap seriously for a little under three years. "I always had the passion for music. I had did a lil' song with one of my niggas, and I got a good response from it," he shares, talking about a track he made in late 2016. "I wanted to start my career."

JayDaYoungan's vision for his career is simple but real. "I just wanna satisfy everybody who been following me, and just give the world an understanding of the message I been tryna send," he says.

Currently on Comethazine's Bawskee 2 tour, Jay is certainly spreading his music from coast to coast. Check out JayDaYoungan's freestyle up top.

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