Jay Electronica is tired of his name being dragged through the mud as the alleged cause of a nasty divorce between two of Britain’s elite.

The Roc Nation rapper took to Twitter on Friday (June 22) to directly address Ben Goldsmith, the son of late billionaire financier Jimmy Goldsmith and the soon-to-be ex-husband to Kate Rothschild, whom Electronica is allegedly and currently the boyfriend of.

“@BJGoldsmith ben you need to stop going to the press w these bullshit stories don’t be a fucking hypocrite,” Electronica tweeted to the $300 million green investor. “ill come see you. you wanna go public, ill go public and you aint gonna like it. stop acting like a bitch.”

Hours after Electronica’s comment, which has since been deleted from his Twitter account, the New Orleans rapper and Rothschild were photographed together in what’s believed to be the first picture of them as an alleged couple. Rothschild is also the rapper’s manager.

Rothschild, an heiress to the Rothschild banking dynasty and the CEO of Round Table record label, took to Twitter herself over the weekend to address the entire situation. (Although her comments have since been deleted from her account as well).

“I have been with my husband since I was 17 years old, my whole life from then until now has been dedicated to him and our children,” Rothschild tweeted out to the masses. “Our marriage went bad a few years ago and none of you have any idea what I went through along with my husband. I love my husband he is a brilliant and incredible man, we grew up together and I miss him painfully but relationships go wrond and ours did.

“As for Jay Electronica, who I manage and have done for a while, he saved my life in many ways and I am eternally grateful to him and home that I can repay him by helping him, as his manager and friend, to become what he is destined to be,” she added.

Electronica was at the focal point of Goldsmith and Rothschild’s high-profile breakup, when Goldsmith allegedly confronted his wife upon discovering a series of sexually-explicit text messages and e-mails that she exchanged with the rapper.

The argument allegedly turned physical with Goldsmith slapping his wife, who in turned called police. Goldsmith was arrested on suspicion on common assault and later released.

This past March, Elec announced that he has completed his Roc Nation debut album, Act II: Patents of Nobility, though no official release date has been announced.—Jakinder Singh