The somewhat mysterious Jay Electronica just popped up in the eerily smooth new music video for Emeli Sande's "Garden," a track also featuring Aine Zion off Sande's recently released album, Long Live the Angels. You can hear the soulful stylings of Sande and Jay Elec's overall greatness in the video up top.

Featuring a fading sunset, ski-masked, rose-clutching warriors and pistol-shaped money dispensers, the visual for "Garden" manages to be romantic and ominous simultaneously. It's every bit as spacey and surreal as the song it was created for, and Jay Elec's verse fits in perfectly with the Sande's soulful vocals. The verse sees the "Exhibit C" performer explore the dimensions of all-consuming love, something he paints as both self-destructive and empowering.

On the track, Jay Elec explores love's parameters, rapping, "Once upon a time ago/I threw my cautions to the wind, my friend/And yelled, 'Geronimo!'/And rode the wings of love to outer space/But then I fell a thousand miles to Guantanamo/Euphoria to torture." To Jay Elec, "love is a landfill" and he's "caught" his fair share of bodies. His verse leads him to the conclusion that "Love is like a garden," a "death sentence" and a "pardon," giving us his take on the emotion's complexities.

Jay Elec's verse is a reminder of his seemingly limitless capabilities as a lyricist, and the reason fans want to hear more of him. If they want to hear more of Sande, they can check out her new album here. You can peep the tracklist for Long Live the Angels below.

Long Live the Angels Tracklist

1. “Selah”
2. “Breathing Underwater”
3. “Happen”
4. “Hurts”
5. “Give Me Something”
6. “Right Now”
7. “Shakes”
8. “Garden” (feat. Jay Electronica & Áine Zion)
9. “I’d Rather Not”
10. “Lonely”
11. “Sweet Architect”
12. “Tenderly” (feat. Joel Sande & The Serenje Choir)
13. “Every Single Little Piece”
14. “Highs and Lows”
15. “Babe”

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