According to James “Jas” Prince, Drake is missing out on a few million.

“The music exec who discovered Drake says that the rap star’s management company has been cheating him out of big bucks — and that Drake is being ripped off to the tune of millions as well,” the New York Post reported earlier today.

Prince filed a suit in Manhattan Supreme Court that stated Drake’s management team, whom are also Lil Wayne’s managers, have yet to pay Drizzy the royalties from his tracks, and that he, Prince, has yet to receive a cut as well.

“He hasn’t been paid, and we haven’t been paid,” James McMillan, Prince’s lawyer, disclosed.

The son of James Prince, Rap-A-Lot Records founder, discovered Drake on MySpace five years ago and acquainted the Canadian artist with his father, who would go onto strike a deal for Drake with Lil Wayne.

The claims are being held against Cortez Bryant, Gerald Roberson, Derrick Lawrence, Aspire Music Group and other firms. Prince is not even aware of how much he is owed because he has not been provided with an accounting. Ronald Sweeney represents Drake as his entertainment lawyer and the company that pays the royalties, which is headed by Weezy. Sweeney allegedly agreed to provide Prince with the accounting but has yet to.

Prince revealed, in his papers, that Drizzy is considering suing Bryant as well. The papers included a letter from April of this year; the letter was from Drake’s lawyer Robert Meloni to Aspire Music Group, and it mentioned how the Toronto artist’s royalty account has collected nothing to date despite his lofty success in retail, instead receiving “inexcusably delayed, incomplete, confusing and misleading” statements that mentioned what he is owed.

No one from Aspire nor Drake’s camp has commented on the suit yet. —Christopher Minaya (@CM_3)