Fresh off of dropping their joint project, One Week Notice, Emilio Rojas, Jarren Benton and Demrick stopped by Sway in the Morning for the show's first cypher of 2018.

Demrick kicked off the cypher, rapping over JAY-Z's classic "So Ghetto" beat. "Yeah, I serial kill rappers, I close chapters/This is no factor, to go against us is like going backwards/Hard to manage my menacing stash under my mattress is spent/For that rent, we go medieval on you bastards/Blood splatter the canvas, that's crime scene artwork," he raps.

Benton comes through next, spitting bars of his own. "The rest of these pussy niggas is sheeps/I euthanize 'em, I put these niggas to sleep/Nah, fuck it, I put these niggas in creeks with their brains leakin' out/Respect the guys, capiche," Benton spits.

Not to be outdone by Demrick and Benton, Rojas made sure to bring his A-game, taking shots at President Donald Trump with his bars. "So let me start by saying fuck Trump/Cut his money trees til they just stumps/They wanna target immigrant youth but they won't touch us," Rojas raps.

While Rojas, Benton and Demrick were the ones to stop by Sway in the Morning, the One Week Notice album also includes Audio Push, Dizzy Wright and Reezy. The 13-track project was a spur of the moment idea that came out of the rappers all getting together in Austin, Texas.

"Where else would you put seven really dope artists and four really dope producers together in the same studio at the same time, and challenge them with creating as much music as possible in a week?" said producer Kato, who worked on the project.

Check out Emilio Rojas, Jarren Benton and Demrick's cypher below.

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