Within the last 10 years, Giggs holds one of the titles for most well known Batman references on Drake's "KMT." Jaden Smith might be making a case for that title as well in his new video "Batman."

Jaden Smith's admiration for Batman has been well-documented and now he goes full character immersion on the new song. Don't forget that he showed up to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding in a white Batman costume and he sent out a tweet in honor of Adam West's recent death. So it's a dream come true for the kid as he stars as Bruce Wayne in the short film.

The rapper finds himself out in a field to a shining MSFTS (a collective that Jaden belongs to) signal, which replaces the bat signal. You then get to see the life of a young, wealthy and highly publicized celebrity in quick snapshots. We can already tell that this video will live forever with the number of GIFs that will be made when Jaden is in Los Angeles in his white Batman suit. But the climax comes when he hits the Hollywood Walk of Fame and faces off with the original Batman, Superman and Spiderman.

The song's lyrics are an open letter to Batman, who sounds like he betrayed Gotham's trust. It's possible that Jaden is using Batman as a metaphor for someone else, as Rick Ross did on "Idols Become Rivals." It's also interesting to note that director Moises Arias, twice, makes it a point that Jaden swirled the ice in his glass. A more obvious detail is keeping Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry book as the only one on the desk.

You can watch the video for "Batman" below.

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