Some three decades into his career, and J Prince remains one of the more feared men in the rap game. So when the Rap-a-Lot Records CEO recently told TMZ he planned to make Birdman pay for Lil Wayne's unpaid royalties, no one really thinks it's a laughing matter.

When asked who he was "backing" in the struggle between Birdman and Lil Wayne, Prince said, "Lil Wayne. That's a no-brainer. That's the little homie, and as I've stated a few times, publicly, we going to get to the bottom of that."

When asked how he planned to "settle the beef" between Weezy and Stunna, J Prince replies, "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse." Cue The Godfather music.

If you haven't been keeping score of J Prince's problems with Birdman, here's a rundown. Back in 2008, his son Jas Prince pretty much discovered Drake and was responsible for introducing the Toronto upstart to Lil Wayne. In 2015, Jas and his father filed a lawsuit against Birdman in an attempt to get the money he felt was owed to him for discovering Drizzy, who had by that time become a global superstar. They later settled out of court.

Last September, J Prince told TMZ he'd give his support to Lil Wayne in Weezy's legal battle against Birdman after Prince "witnessed the hard work that went into Drake’s career" and decided that it was wrong for "Cash Money to try and take something that isn’t theirs to take." Prince ominously added that the whole situation "does not sit well with me and family around the world.”

We hope J Prince was at least joking a little bit when he said he'd make Birdman "an offer he can't refuse," because it'd probably be best for everybody if this was resolved peacefully. You can watch a video of the Rap-A-Lot head's chat with TMZ below.

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