J. Prince has Lil Wayne's back. The Rap-a-Lot Records CEO tells TMZ that Birdman is going to have to pay both Weezy and Jas Prince (J. Prince's son) eventually.

The Houston-based, music industry veteran tells the publication, "Where [Wayne] is weak, I am strong. He has gained an ally, and together we will get back all money owed to him and my son off the Drake albums." J. Prince's son, Jas, is widely credited for discovering Drake and connecting him with Wayne and Young Money. J Prince adds, "I witnessed the hard work that went into Drake's career and for Cash Money to try and take something that isn't theirs to take, does not sit well with me and family around the world."

According to TMZ, J. Prince formed the new alliance with Weezy and Drake backstage at Drizzy's Washington, D.C. concert in August. J Prince says he felt it was time to do something once Lil Tunechi started talking about retirement. For more context in this situation, Jas Prince sued Cash Money for $11 million last year over unpaid royalties stemming from the fact that he brought Drake to the label. In July 2016, it was reported that Jas Prince and Cash Money reached a settlement agreement for the aforementioned figure.

Also in July, J. Prince was honored at the 2016 Go DJ Awards for his contributions in Houston and to hip-hop at large. While accepting his award, Prince made a not-so-subtle reference to Birdman’s most recent catchphrase, saying that he and others should put respect on their own names.

“Lot of people look hungry out there and I’m hungry up here,” Prince says. “It’s a beautiful thing. Let’s just respect it. We don’t want to go around beg nobody to put respect on our name. We not them kind of people. We put respect on our own name therefore we ain’t got to do no plea bargain to out respect on our names. Just know that and represent that.”

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