It looks like J.I.D's DiCaprio 2 mixtape might officially be upon us.

On Tuesday (July 3), the 2018 XXL Freshman tweeted out a simple message indicating that the tracklist for his forthcoming project has been finalized. "Tracklist ✔️," the East Atlanta rapper tweeted.

While the rapper didn't offer much in the way of details, a finalized tracklist should mean the project is around the corner. Being that his last effort, 2017's The Never Story, dropped more than a year ago, we can only hope.

Blessed with a superhumanly agile flow, malleable vocals and endlessly clever bars about life in the A, J.I.D is maybe the most exciting lyricist the Peach State has produced in years. Released all the way back in 2015, J.I.D's DiCaprio project marked a point where he started to gain some serious momentum. His sequel should prove to be even better.

J.I.D is clearly on the upswing, and his recently being named a 2018 XXL Freshman only adds to what's been a continual glow up. Speaking with XXL on the day of the Freshman shoot, the dexterous rhymer reflected on his relatively late arrival to the rap game's main stage.

"I’m like, the valedictorian," the 27-year-old said at the time. "I’m really the OG. I’m an old-ass young nigga. I started music late. I wasn’t really tryna do this shit all my life. It just came to me, organically as hell. I blew up but I ain’t blew up at like, 26, [the same as] Jay-Z and Kanye [West] and Eminem. And they were kicking shit! That’s the same feeling I’m tryna give. I’m tryna be the best artist in the world: Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruce Springsteen level, dead-ass serious. So, I’m just putting my best foot forward. I told Logic [I was a Freshman]. He was so fuckin’ happy about it. Mac Miller, I talked to him about it. I told [J.] Cole and Madeintyo, too. They were just really happy for me. I ain’t even tell my family. They not even gonna really know until it’s time.

Check out J.I.D's teaser tweet below. Peep his 2018 XXL Freshman profile when you're done with that.

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