The anticipation of the release of Playboi Carti's debut project is palpable. But the due date is being stalled. Interscope Record's President of Urban Music, Joie Manda, recently revealed why.

"That @playboicarti album soon come.. we r just dealing with some technical issues #CartiSeason," he tweeted last night (March 31).

The Atlanta rapper has been teasing the offering for a while. In February, he teamed up with producers Nav and Metro Boomin in the studio. “Abut to drop like lean $” wrote Carti on Snap, with Metro posting the pic to IG and captioning it, “CA$H CARTI TOLD ME TO TELL U ITS TIME.”

Lil Uzi Vert recently joked about Carti having such a big buzz without a project to show for himself, while the two fielded questions at a meet-and-greet. “Yeah, for real. I don’t even know why you famous,” LUV joked when an audience member asked when the tape was finally going to drop. “He don’t even have a tape, how the fuck are you famous?”

Carti explained the delay then, saying, “Honestly yo, I didn’t come in the game trying to make a mixtape. My mixtape too fire. I just been listening to other dude’s tapes and shit.”

Vert then hilariously interjected. "That shit wack He won’t drop it ’cause it’s wack. That’s what it is.”

Carti has been holding fans at bay with some new tracks.

Two weeks ago, he dropped the second promo clip for the project, building even more buzz.

As soon as these technical issues get taken care of, fans should get what they have been waiting for.

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