Sometimes you have to follow your heart. Innanet James, the 23-year-old Maryland rapper, just up and quit his job one day and focused on rap. "I got to the front door and I just could not go in; I'm about to rap," he explained, frankly. "I bought a rap notebook and I started rapping."

That kind of conviction would prove valuable in Innanet's new career of choice, as his 2016 album, Quebec Place, was well-received. This year, he came back with another album, Keep It Clean, an eight-song romp featuring Pusha-T and more. He came by the XXL office and showed off some of those bars he's been holding onto.

In the start of his freestyle, he goes full baller talk, breaking down different brands and styles of watches. "I prolly buy a Hublot/Don't ask me for no Datejust/The 36's been for bitches, nigga, get ya weight up," he rhymes. "I'm prolly with the ballers, Innanet done got his James up/J's up, I'm rolling up so you can put your eighth up/Wait up, I got weight, so you can put your shake up." He's got it all under control.

Innanet James is good at rapping, but he's good at counting up cash too. "I get black money, I get back money, backboard/I'm from Maryland, where green's all I know, I hate asparagus."

Never forget to shoutout your hometown.

Listen to the rest of his freestyle at the top of this post, and read up on his The Break interview from 2016.

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