Yesterday (Sept 10), .Idk. released a new track and visual called "Why?" that remixes one of 50 Cent's classics: "Wanksta." The Maryland rapper takes cues from the Southside Bully and calls out artists he believes put up a front on social media.

In the VHS-styled video for the song, the "Star" spitter questions why people don fake jewelry and take photos in front of cars that aren't theirs. Shot by Adrian Per and Blair Brown, the visual opens up on the streets of downtown Los Angeles in one scene and waving an Airsoft gun in another.

"I got a question, why you rap niggas be lyin'?/You post your guns knowing damn well you don't be firin'/Tryna snitch soon as you see them red and blue sirens/You got beef, you grab the heat and IG Live it," .Idk. raps on the first verse.

"Real ones move in silence/Real ones see your page and they be huffin' and sighin'/They be like 'Okay, this nigga's sweet, let's try him'/Then they snatch yo' chain and it be on Akademiks before the end of the day," he continues.

In the visual's comment section on YouTube, .Idk., which is short for Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge, invited fans to reply for a chance to hang out with him in Los Angeles. The winner will have the opportunity to watch him work on his debut LP.

On Instagram, he posted several clips of the video and told his fans to tag G-Unit members while tagging 50 Cent's signature phrase: "Get the strap."

Watch the video for "Why?" below.

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