In the 1990’s, Ice Cube switched lanes and pushed rap to the side to focus on the film business. Now that he’s an accomplished actor, director and producer, NWA’s former lyrical assassin is ready to turn his attention back to rhyming via a brand new album. And it should come as no surprise to his fans that he plans on staying in the same lane as he entered the game in.

“Hardcore, West Coast hip-hop. It’s what I do,” said Cube to MTV News about what to expect from his upcoming album, which is yet to be given an official title or release date, though he’s leaning to one possible name. “I’m working on a record right now and I think I’ma call it, Everything’s Corrupt.”

“I don’t think changing the formula is what should be done,” he added. “It’s all about doing what you do best and give the people what they want.”

From the sound of things, it appears that Cube wants to pick up where he left off with, I Am The West, which dropped in 2010 and featured the single, “I Rep That West,” alongside features from the likes of WC, Doughboy, WC and Maylay. It also included tracks like, “Life In California,” “Y’all Know How I Am,” “Too West Coast,” “Drink the Kool-Aid” and “No Country For Young Men.”

The prospective LP title is in line with Cube’s past efforts, including 1989’s, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and 1991’s, Death Certificate, the latter which established Cube’s brand of hyper aggressive consciousness.—Calvin Stovall

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