UPDATE:  Ice Cube's 10th solo album Everythang’s Corrupt will now be released on Oct 21st via Lench Mob Records.


Ice Cube is returning to hip-hop in 2014 by releasing a brand new project in May.

Everythang’s Corrupt will be the OG’s 10
th studio album, and follows up his 2010 drop “I Am the West.”  The rapper turned actor took to Twitter to reveal the offering’s release date.

The iconic legend chopped it up with The Huffington Post to explain “Everythang’s Corrupt’s” concept, clarifying: “It’s not a heavily political record, but it does have statement songs and rhymes.” Cube continued explaining, “I got a song called ‘Dominate the Weak,’ which is just showing you how a police state would look and feel. But hip-hop is in a different space right now when it comes to that. You don’t want to overdo it when it comes to the political stuff.”

Until the project drops, make sure to catch his comedic film with Kevin Hart, Ride Along in theaters starting January 17.