Despite never getting involved in politics, Ice Cube's name is caught up in a bribery plot involving former Trump strategist Steve Bannon. Yesterday, (May 9) more details emerged surrounding the veteran West Coast rapper and business partner Jeff Kwatinetz's $1.2 billion lawsuit against Qatari investors from last month, alleging that the investor's government wanted to bribe Bannon through their BIG3 basketball league.

According to the Daily Mail, Cube and Kwatinetz originally got investor Ahmed al Rumaihi to agree to contribute $20.5 million in BIG3, but they discovered that he only paid up $7.5 million. The court documents claim that Rumaihi was “persistently inquir[ing] about wanting to meet with Mr. Bannon" while he was still working for President Trump. Kwatinetz has had a longtime relationship with Bannon for their work on television production company The Firm, and has shown him support in the past.

In the suit, Kwatinetz claims that he was asked to set up a meeting between Rumaihi and the former Trump cabinet member so that the Qatari government could "convey a message" to Bannon in order to "underwrite all of his political efforts in return of his support."

Kwatinetz reportedly refused to set up the meeting and claims he was "appalled" at the idea of the bribe. He also reveals that he never told Bannon about it.

After turning it down, Rumaihi reportedly laughed and called Kwatinetz naive as he explained that "many Washington politicians take our money." Ruhmaihi also allegedly accused Michael Flynn of taking their money in the past, who was fired from his position as Trump’s National Security Advisor. Flynn ended up pleading guilty to lying to the FBI and eventually made a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The outlet also reports that the Qatari investors are filing a countersuit that claims libel and asks for the case to be moved to a federal court.

While Cube isn't directly involved in being offered the bribe, the "It Was a Good Day" MC and Kwatinetz both created the league, which ties him in.

Hopefully Cube and Kwatinetz can settle this case so that they can get back to focusing on their BIG3 league.

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