Bill Maher is catching a ton of flack for his usage of the N-word on his HBO series this past week, and while some are protesting for his show to be cancelled, others want to take advantage of his platform. According to TMZ, Ice Cube was booked to be a guest on Real Time With Bill Maher before the controversy, along with Sen. Al Franken, who has already cancelled.

The West Coast veteran has decided to go ahead and appear on the talk show, despite the outcry, and will reportedly discuss the comedian's usage of the word directly on the show. Cube was slated to appear on the show to promote the 25th anniversary of his Death Certificate album, which is a bit ironic, considering the album was originally created following the beating of Rodney King in 1991.

If you recall, Maher stirred up a ton of controversy after he used the term "house nigger" during an episode of his show last week. The segment caused many celebrities to speak out on the matter, including Chance The Rapper, who called for the show to be cancelled by HBO.

Killer Mike came under fire by fans after he said black people had bigger problems than Maher using the N-word. He later said he would have punched Maher in the stomach if the comedian used the word around him in person and smoked a joint with him after.

“I am not going to start to limit entertainers and what they can say because when you start doing that, you’re [putting] yourself in a corner and you’re going to make sure your First Amendment rights are out the door and we really are going to start living in a fascist country,” Mike told TMZ after the controversy.

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