Iamsu! might be accustomed to the trappings of life as a rap star, but he's still a kid at heart. That's a point he makes in the latest edition of XXL's ABCs, a franchise that lets the thoughts of rappers run free as they let loose whatever comes to mind when they hear each letter of the alphabet.

For his ABCs, Iamsu! unloads references to flossy whips, friends and the place he rests his head. By the time he got to Z, he let loose a children's show reference you probably didn't quite see coming. "Zoboomafoo. Y'all remember that show? That's it," he says.

Elsewhere in this edition of ABCs, Iamsu! name-drops friends, food and family. When the letter P arrives, the California rapper gives the backstory of why Pinole, Calif. has a special place in his heart. "P for Pinole, you know what I'm saying? I went to Pinole High School, I live in Pinole, so shoutouts to the city," he explained.

Iamsu! is now about five months removed from dropping off his 06 Solara project, and when he spoke with XXL, he made it clear he's got a lot of tracks in the stash. 1,500, to be exact.

"I record a lot," he explained at the time. "When I'm at home, I'll make like three or four songs a day, 'cause the studio's in my basement. So I just go down there and I cook up."

Here's to hoping Iamsu! lets loose some of his new tunes in the near future. For now, check out the rapper's entertaining ABCs for yourself above.

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