HXLT tries to stand out from the pack with his blend of hip-hop and punk sensibilities. The G.O.O.D. Music artist looks to display that meshing of genres with the video for "Work It Out" off his self-tilted album. The visual brings his story of a bad relationship to life as HLXT explains why everything's gone so wrong.

"The things you do to me I wouldn't do to you/But you wouldn't do the same for me that you want me to do/Trying to explain that has got me beat/You don't understand the concept of a two-way street/Your mind is a one-way highway/With no off ramp for anything I say/Shout match Saturday through Friday/I have to fight to get anything my way/You say I hurt your feelings when all I said was hi/But I didn't say baby so now you start to cry/Then I say what the fuck, that hurt your feelings too/Man your feelings need some weights because I don't know what to do," HXLT raps.

As seen with his "Perfect" music video, HXLT has a penchant for making creative music videos. On the music front, the Chicago native wants to be just as innovative and make records that no one else can.

"I am not going to sound like anyone, I’m not going to be like anyone and that’s real," HXLT told XXL. There’s only one me. I’ve tried to go, maybe I’m like this or like that, but you will never meet someone like me, I promise you. That’s really a fact. So, I’m going to be the next non-arrogant phenomenon."

HLXT's self-titled album is available now on iTunes.

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