Weed makes Hurricane Chris think about the important things in life. The Louisiana rapper's latest smoking session caused him to contemplate the value of seatbelts. The "A Bay Bay" artist was amazed by the versatility of the seatbelt, which he explained in a video posted on Instagram.

"So, I'm riding in the car and, nigga, I'm so loaded on that gas that I was sitting here thinking like... nigga the seatbelt is the truth, nigga," Chris said. "If you pull that bitch fast, it do that. It just stop. But if you pull it slow, it go all the way out. Just gotta think about some shit when you be on that loud sometime. It some cold shit. Seatbelt's the truth."

Hurricane Chris is a true appreciator of the seatbelt. Most of us just take them for granted. Some people don't even wear them. But the mind of Hurricane Chris admires the seatbelt even more than Ralph Nader circa 1965. The appreciation may have been sparked by a stoned mind, but the important thing is Hurricane Chris reached this point of admiration.

Perhaps we will see Hurricane Chris become a staunch fighter for car safety. He could become a lobbyist. The man does have experience with speaking in front of a lawmakers. Who could forget his memorable performance of "Halle Berry" at the Louisiana state legislature? If the show dates dry up for Hurricane Chris, there is a new career waiting for him.

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