Hoodrich Pablo Juan is back with yet another visual for the masses.

Yesterday (April 30) the Atlanta native dropped the music video for "Flawless," the latest single off his January mixtape Rich Hood. As he walks us through the perks of being a burgeoning rap artist in this day and age, the GT Films-directed cut rapidly switches scenes as Hoodrich flaunts a bevy of foreign whips, beautiful women and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On "Flawless," the "Almighty" rapper goes in depth about his lifestyle whilst reflecting on his times in the streets. "Yeah, they gave me the ball now I'm hoggin/Same nigga hatin, I'm the nigga now they fallin/Fifteen hundred for these skinny jeans, they Balmain/The dope fiends still remember me, I got 'em arguin," he spits over the 808 Mafia trap production.

Now that Hoodrich has the spotlight, don't expect him to slow down anytime soon. In February he surprised his fans by dropping The Matrixa collab EP with French electronic DJ Brodinski—adding yet another project to the list of those he's released in less than a year's time.

In the past two months, Hoodrich and Gucci Mane have released videos for "Yeah Yeah" and "We Don't Luv Em Remix" in promotion for their upcoming project, 1017 Eskimo Presents The Eskimo Boys Vol. 1. The collaborative effort will also see Yung Mal, Z Money, Lil Wop and Lil Quill trading bars with the Atlanta hip-hop stars, and is expected to drop soon despite a missed release date of April 6.

Check out the video for "Flawless" below.

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