Hoodrich Pablo Juan is living a life of luxury. The Atlanta rapper posts up in a high-rise for his “Look at Me Now” music video, which sees him flexing about his current status.

“Looking for me, look up not down/I need a migo with a thousand pounds/Went from never leaving one-five to going town to town/I keep a couple of shooters in the background/Look at me now, look at what I done found/A lot of plugs on a lot of drugs, they sending everything to the country town/My Louboutins spike like a porcupine/Can't fuck with these niggas, they dropping dimes,” Juan raps on the opening verse.

Juan is cocky on the track, but he has selfless goals for his career. The rising star recently told XXL about his desire to provide for those closest to him.

“My first main goal, I want to just make enough money to provide for everybody around me who’s hard-working. I want to be able to provide jobs, and it’s not about buying everything you want, but it’s about living secure where you know you don’t have to worry about things as much. When I rap, it’s my job, so it’s like putting overtime at a job. Main goal is to just feed my family. I want us to go to Dubai.”

If Juan keeps making records like “Juggin Dat Pack” and “Still the Same Nigga,” he could be well on his way to accomplishing those goals. Watch the “Look at Me Now” video below.

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