While many skeptics have argued that the glory days of rap groups are in the rearview, there are a dozen collectives pushing back on that notion in 2024. The renaissance is happening in part on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Take budding Los Angeles duo Flyana Boss for example, who promoted their 2022 hit single "You Wish" on TikTok simply by sprinting through strange locations and rapping the track. Their rise in 2023 secured the duo brand deals and exposed them to Missy Elliott, who remixed their track last September.

The same goes for Philly Goats, whose playful single "Get Off The Wall"—which respectfully samples the legendary rap group Kool & The Gang—was picked up by kids on TikTok and turned into a dance craze that propelled it to success.

Elsewhere, Brooklyn collective 41 hit their stride on YouTube. Their controversial diss track "Notti Bop" racked up millions of views in October of 2022 and hit the platform's No. 1 trending spot. The song's troubling nature forced it to be taken down, but the group was able to roll with the punches. They pivoted all that momentum to their song "Bent," which is now their most successful track to date.

The point is that there are tons of rap groups vying for success, they just don't look the same as they used to. XXL highlights some of the most promising young groups and the ones that will hopefully make duos and more a part of the overall conversation again in 2024.

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